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Considering a Relocation?

Are you considering a move to a new area with your current company? If you are, discuss what type of relocation benefits are offered. Many companies will pay most of your relocation expenses. Some of those fees include your Realtor fees. In addition relocation companies often cover closing and moving expenses. A work transfer may be the best way relocate to a new state at low cost.

Once you make the decision to move, the process of preparing your home for sale begins. Declutter your home from clothing to furniture. If you do not plan to take items with you, decide what you will do with those items. Organize items that you will donate or sell. This is also a good time to freshen up the walls with paint, and complete other minor home improvements. Walk through your home as if you are the buyer.

Did you know that you can choose your Realtor even when you are working with a relocation company? You can! Talk with your relocation company and let them know that you have a Realtor of choice. When possible, choose a Realtor who has some experience working with Relocation companies. Regardless of experience, make sure you choose someone you can trust, and will work hard for you.

I work with different relocation companies, and I have helped many people move both into the area and to another state. Each relocation company has their own set of rules that agents need to follow and work that needs to be done. A Realtor who knows the relocation process will make your move much smoother for you. We complete a lot of work behind the scenes for the relocation company, including valuation reports. The valuation report is used with the relocation company to justify the suggested listing price. You definitely need a Realtor who knows the area so your home is priced well and sells quickly.

As you can imagine there are many moving pieces that need to come together. Timing the sale of your current home with the purchase of a new home has its challenges, but if you hire the right Realtor it won’t seem so overwhelming.

Give me a call today and I can help walk you through the process and help you prepare for what is ahead.

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