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Why do I need to hire a buyers agent?

When you start looking for homes, you often stumble upon an agent, or many agents by clicking on a link, or heading out to an Open House.  You may find yourself working with one of them, or several of them without realizing it.  This is how you end up with an agent instead of choosing an agent.

Sometimes you may even go through a little more effort  by contacting an agent you see on a billboard, or maybe on the sign hanging outside the home you would like to see.  Again, this is more by chance than choice.

These are not the best ways to hire a real estate agent when you’re buying a home. 

First things first…

Before you start searching for a home, search for your real estate agent.  Don’t skip this very important step.  Ask friends, co-workers, family, neighbors…anyone you trust for recommendations and referrals.  

Once you have a few to choose from, give them a call, or maybe even meet with them in person.  You need to make sure that they fit your personality and you can trust them.   You also need to make sure they know the market, and can educate you on how to make an offer that has a better chance of being accepted.  In a tough buyers market, you need an experienced agent.

Once you decide on that agent…work with that agent only.  If you chose the right agent they will be actively working for you and getting you in homes as quickly as possible.  Many home buyers don’t realize that typically the agent who shows the client a home “procures” the sale and earns the commission.   Only call your agent to show you homes.  Keep in mind, an agent isn’t likely to spend a whole lot of time and attention on you if they don’t feel you are being loyal to them.  

When you choose the right agent you will have someone who represents your best interest, needs, and negotiates well on your behalf.  You are trusting this agent with one of the biggest investments you will make in your life, make sure they are qualified and knowledgeable.   

If you don’t specifically hire an agent, you may end up with one representing you by default.  You may go to an Open House, love it and next thing you know the agent that was there is writing it up for you and representing your best interests.  This may work out just fine by why leave it to chance.  Hire an agent first, and when you go to an Open House you have your agent ready to work for you and write up an offer.  

Most people who have a bad buying experience don’t have a good agent by their side.  When you are partnered with someone trustworthy, honest, hardworking and communicates well the experience is exciting and moves along smoothly.  

I would love to show you why so many buyers have trusted me to help them find the home of their dreams.  

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