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It’s a Sellers Market, why do I need a Realtor…selling my home is easy, right?

When Realtors do their job well, it looks easy. Our job is to do everything behind the scenes, clean up any messes and get your home from listing to offer to closing as quickly and smoothly as possible. What you may not know is that there is a lot of work happening that you are not even aware of, and that is exactly why we are earning our pay.

Realtors know the market. We typically get you a much higher price for your home than you would on your own. How much is saving a commission costing you? Because Realtors are marketing your home on many platforms, have connections with buyers in the community as well as other agents who have buyers searching for homes we have the ability to get your home in front of more buyers. This could potentially put your home in a bidding war.

Our contracts protect you, and are clearly written so both parties know what is included in the sale. You will know if the sale is contingent on the buyer selling their home, on financing and any other requests they are making for the home to close. Of course your Realtor will walk through this contract with you to make sure you understand the details of the offer.

Your Realtor understands what makes an offer stronger than another. We know lenders, types of mortgages etc and will walk you through making the right decision for you. Highest dollar amount is not necessarily the best offer.

When you hire a great Realtor, you have someone who will negotiate on your behalf. There are things that you may not even realize should or can be negotiated in a contract. Let your Realtor handle that for you.

Safety is also a concern. You may not know who you are walking through your home if you decide to sell on your own. List with a Realtor and we know our clients, walk through the home with them, and you will know what Realtor is in your home at what time with the lockbox tracking.

When you list with a Realtor you can sit back and relax and let us do the work for you! This process doesn’t need to be stressful. We will take care of the contracts, scheduling inspections, working with the buyer side, title company, and getting your home to the closing table as smoothly as possible. If all goes well, you will not even know that we are putting out fires in the background.

Give me a call to chat about how I can get you top dollar for your home with no upfront fees! I don’t get paid until your home closes!

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